Lead qualification system for Oracle Eloqua.

The DemandByte TeleQueue app provides your tele-qualification teams and vendors with the ability to engage with prospects during their "moment of interest". Automatically route contacts with high-value activity into an intelligent portal that helps your reps target hot leads and get them to sales quicker. The extensive reporting tools provide insight into call activity and help you keep track of key metrics like qualification rates, conversion and SLA performance.

DemandByte Tele Qualification Portal.
Why waiting for sales to qualify is killing conversion rates 153 200

Check out our new white paper "Why waiting for sales to qualify your marketing inquiries is killing conversion rates" to learn about how Tele-Qualification can help increase Eloqua ROI and sales acceptance rates.

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Better Qualified Leads

Give your tele-qualification team access to Eloqua contacts with a portal that facilitates call scripts and responses, lead ownership and scheduled callbacks.

Faster Response Time

Leads are available to call in near real-time giving you the edge to engage with your prospects moments after they've responded to an email or submitted a form.

Easy Script Management

Leveraging Eloqua forms and landing pages, marketers are able to easily add or update call scripts with no development effort all while taking advantage of Eloqua's powerful lead scoring engine.

DemandByte Tele Qualification Portal.

Target the Right Leads

Our intelligent sorting algorithm takes the guesswork out of who to call by analyzing lead's time zones and call preferences to ensure calls are made during their local business hours.

Powerful Calling Features

Empower your callers with the tools they need with a callback scheduling system, lead ownership management and powerful search capabilities.

DemandByte Tele Qualification Portal.

Built for the Enterprise

With out-of-the-box support for global teams and features like a configurable SLA timer - this tool is perfect for the demanding enterprise and tele-qualification vendors alike.

Extensive Reporting

See granular detail about lead and call activity, track rep performance and gain insight into your organizations qualification efforts.

DemandByte Tele Qualification Portal.