Campaign Approver

Automated approval framework for Oracle Eloqua.

The DemandByte Campaign Approver app helps marketers better control their contacts by implementing approval processes into their Oracle Eloqua campaigns. Set up customized workflows that segment contacts and send notifications to designated "approver" users allowing them to easily control contact campaign paths.

DemandByte Campaign Approver.

Fast & Easy Approval Workflows

Stop wasting time on manual approval processes of your Eloqua campaigns

The Campaign Approver allows to easily implement an automated approval process for campaign members that match specific criteria. By simply adding the Campaign Approver decision rule into your campaign canvas – you can now: 

Create contact segment rules and associated approver users Create contact segment rules and associated approver users.
Approvers receive an email notification Anytime a contact matching the criteria enters the campaign step approvers receive an email notification.
Approvers can explore contact and campaign details Approvers can explore contact and campaign details to help determine how to route the contacts.
 Contacts are routed down the "Yes" and "No" campaign paths Contacts are routed down the "Yes" and "No" campaign paths based on the approvers decision.

Client Case Study #1 - Multiple Business Units

Objective: Share a universal marketable database while allowing line-of-business "owners" to control contacts belonging to their business unit.

Strategy: The marketer indicates the campaign's targeted business unit and those contacts are automatically approved while contacts belonging to other business units trigger notifications to be sent to their line-of-business owners. The owners can review the campaign details and determine relevance for their audience before deciding whether to include them in the campaign.

DemandByte Campaign Approver.

Client Case Study #2 - Prioritization

Objective: Implement email governance rules but allow for prioritization for time-sensitive or priority campaigns.

Strategy: The Campaign Approver will send notifications to marketing managers allowing them to bypass campaign governance workflows and send contacts directly to receive an important email. To prevent contacts from being delayed in the campaign they are moved on to the next step after a certain amount of time should the approver not respond to the request.

DemandByte Campaign Approver.

Highly Configurable

Customize approval schemes to the exact needs of your business. With auto-approval and expiration settings you can give your organization full control of contact flows without delaying your campaigns.

Powerful Reporting

The Campaign Approver provides enterprise-grade dashboards and reporting allowing you to track contact and approver activity. At-a-glance metrics keep you informed on what campaigns and contacts are being affected.

Deeply Integrated

With support for campaign templates, auto-configuration from custom fields and contact data synching the Campaign Approver acts like an extension of your Eloqua instance.